Elin Nordegren: Biggest Gold Digger of All Time?

By | July 20, 2010

I usually do not bother myself with the shallow lifestyles of “celebrities”, but there is something about the Tiger Woods divorce that irks me a little bit. We all know the story by now of how he cheated on his wife ( a very rare occurrence in the U.S.!). We also know about the charade of rehab, remorse and public spanking. What no one has told us is how this all came to be. It is a strong part of the media-driven culture in the U.S. to abandon rational thinking whenever one of these stories break out and focus on the superficial.

Does it look a little strange that the culmination of this exposed sexual escapades of Tiger Woods is a divorce? What ever happened to “For better, For worse? Sure Tiger Woods screwed up by “sleeping” with other women but why the sudden rush to divorce by Ms. Nordegren? Is it a case of taking your money while you can before other issues crop up?

It could be that she is striking while the iron is hot, given the fact that Tiger set himself up. It would be interesting to hear the proceedings:
Husband: “Your honor, I had to because I wasn’t getting none at home”;
Wife: “Your honor, that’s not true, we have babies, so he was getting some”
Judge: “Yeah, but how often, once a day, a week, or a month?
Husband (murmuring): “How about once a year you frigid ****”

What? Why do we not ever ask what the home front has to do with all that? Is it safe to ask that perhaps, the missus was not doing very well in that department? It’s not just about making babies, or being beautiful you know. There surely was something missing at home, and having a wife who is a cold fish can make a guy go astray. I am just saying.

And the proof is the speed at which she is supposedly pursuing his money through divorce. If all women who had their husbands cheat on them decided to file for divorce, only about 1 percent of men would be married. And that one percent is because they have their wives’ consent to “fool” around. It is possible that Ms. Nordegren is caving in to the crafty advise of friends who cannot wait to get their hands on a handsome guy with potential for a bus load of cash?

I believe she is doing the right thing only if the love was not there in the first place and she was aiming for the money from the very onset. Certainly, she has been around these “celebrities” long enough to know what happens in that circle, yet she went in anyway.

Come on! At the very first sign of trouble in a marriage, you bail? There is no way any sane person will believe that she did not know what was going on. Unless she was giving him enough rope to hang his cheating ass with. If she says she did not, then we have to wonder.

So my question is, with the reported big bucks she will be getting (from an initial mind-boggling $850 Million to $100 Million), is she the biggest Gold Digger of all time? All eyes will be on her now to see how long she holds it together.

As for Tiger, he is probably relieved to be rid of the burden of having to “sneak around”.

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